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Pre-Loved Tacx Neo 2T

£750.00 £450.00


What is a pre-loved turbo trainer?

Our pre-loved turbo trainers are trainers that have been rented and returned to us. They are all in perfect working order but might have some cosmetic marks. Whilst they are used condition you can expect them to give you the perfect workout!

If you have any questions please email

About the Tacx NEO 2T turbo trainer: 

The iconic, progressive and popular NEO 2 Smart is optimised into an even quieter and more powerful Smart direct drive. The motor is redesigned in order to provide a better indoor cycling experience and ride feel, especially during climbs and sprints. The NEO 2T Smart is more silent than ever thought possible and without question the most powerful, realistic and accurate bike trainer to date.

  • Almost silent running
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • Power accuracy to within 1%
  • Rode feel with immersive surface texture
  • No mains power required for standard use
  • Max power 2200 watts
  • Max incline 25% 


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