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Elite Sterzo Smart


Elite Sterzo Smart

STERZO SMART, the Elite electronic steering plate, is one of the most interesting innovations for your indoor bike training sessions as you can measure the rotation angle of your handlebars as you move it to the left and right. You will take part in indoor rides on your bike as if you really were on the road.

Compared to its mechanical counterpart, STERZO SMART connects to Zwift wirelessly to share front wheel movement data.

In partnership with Zwift, Elite released STERZO SMART exclusively for the users of the Zwift community. To use STERZO SMART, you just need to place your bike on the steering plate and connect the unit to Zwift! By pairing with the software via Bluetooth, STERZO SMART will connect to Zwift for you to control your avatar on-screen, overtake other cyclists and position yourself to harness the draft.

How renting an Elite Sterzo Smart works:

  • Place your order online and pay for your first month's rental and shipping (£10).
  • We will deliver the device to your nominated address.
  • You will be billed automatically each month until you wish to return the turbo trainer.
  • If you wish to return the trainer simple email and we'll arrange collection (subject to a £5 return shipping fee)

Please note, all bookings are subject to minimum rental of 2 months and a £10 security deposit which will refunded upon return of the device.

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