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The Best Zwift Turbo Trainers 2021
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The Best Zwift Turbo Trainers 2021

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The Best Zwift Turbo Trainers 2021


With Zwift becoming an ever more powerful and popular tool in the world of turbo training, having a turbo trainer that accurately and quickly connects to Zwift is essential. 

With a growing number of turbo trainers on sale, selecting the right product has become somewhat of a minefield.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve reviewed five of the best Zwift turbo trainers as well as answering some frequently asked questions.

Wahoo Kickr Core

  • Flywheel weight: 5.4kg
  • Maximum power: 1,9000W
  • Max stimulated grade: 16%

Despite being Wahoo’s more affordable offering, the Kickr Core still packs a punch, delivering excellent ride feel and performance. While the 5.4kg flywheel is lighter than other more expensive competitors, it performs well and most users find very little difference in how the ride feels.

In terms of day to day operation, Wahoo’s signature durability is a major plus, offering peace of mind that it can handle even the most intense workouts. On top of that, it’s impressively quiet so you can concentrate on your workout.

The Kickr Core is not the most compact model and the legs of the unit need to be bolted on. If space is a concern then make sure the 50 x 58cm footprint is manageable in your workout area.

Connecting to Zwift is quick and easy with the Kickr Core, and using the two in combination makes it so much easier to meet your cycling goals.

Elite Suito

elite suits turbo trainer

  • Flywheel weight: 3.5kg
  • Maximum power: 1,900W
  • Max stimulated grade: 15%

The Elite Suito is another lower priced model which provides an easy indoor cycling experience. Setting up the product and connecting it to Zwift is really easy and means you can get in the saddle in minutes. It’s also easy to transport with the handle on top so if you’re likely to be moving around a bit this one is a winner.

At the reduced price, the flywheel isn’t quite as hefty at 3.5kg, but you’ll still get excellent ride feel similar to the Kickr Core. The Suito isn’t as quiet as similarly priced models so if that’s important to you, make sure you take it into consideration before making a decision.

For budget conscious cyclists who still want to take advantage of benefits of a Zwift turbo trainer, the Elite Suito is a great option.

Elite Direto XR

Elite Direto XR turbo trainer

  • Flywheel weight: 5.1kg
  • Maximum power: 2,300W
  • Max stimulated grade: 24%

Elite’s Direto XR Model is certainly a step up from the two models we’ve previously looked at, as you’d expect for the extra cash. At 5.1kg’s the flywheel isn’t the heaviest around but the Direto XR is able to deliver incredible ride feel. The stability of the design and the silent operation contributes to a seriously smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

While the sturdy design and wide legs mean the model does have a large footprint, once folded down the Direto XR becomes much easier to store and is a good option for space savvy cyclists.

For cyclists who love to cruise in Zwift’s virtual world, this trainer delivers one of the most realistic experiences you are likely to find with high max power and max grade capacity.

Wahoo Kickr Smart

  • Flywheel weight: 7.25kg
  • Maximum power: 2,200W
  • Max stimulated grade: 20%

Wahoo’s high end model is the Kickr Smart and the premium performance is worth the price tag for ambitious cyclists. Compared to previous models, the Kickr Smart comes with extra features which take your turbo trainer experience to the next level. Accuracy has improved to +/- 1% and the axis feet allow for five degrees of lateral tilt, making you feel like you really are on a bike.

With a flywheel weight of 7.25kg and a maximum power of 2,200W the Kickr Smart can deliver smooth resistance and handle your biggest workouts. Despite its power, the Smart manages to maintain quiet operation, producing next to no noise.

Connecting the Kickr Smart to Zwift is also quick and seamless and the ride experience is about as realistic as you’ll find. The five degree tilt from the axis feet take things to the next level helping you forget your back wheel is fixed in place.

Tacx Neo 2T

  • Flywheel weight: 125kg (Virtual flywheel)
  • Maximum power: 2,200W
  • Max stimulated grade: 25%

Another model at the top end of the market comes from Tacx in the form of the Neo 2T smart trainer. It has everything you’d expect from a top end trainer in terms of features as well as a sturdy and sleek design. 2,200W of power coupled with a 125kg virtual flywheel generated by electromagnets makes the ride feel excellent as well as ensuring quiet operation.

The Neo 2T will quickly pair to Zwift as well as offering their own Tacx app for users to try. You’ll get accuracy of less than one percent for peace of mind that your training will translate to results on the road and also allow ambitious cyclists to compete in eSports competitions.

The design is smart and easily folds away for storage. it’s an ideal companion for ambitious cyclists regardless of their space requirements.

Is Zwift better with a smart trainer?

A smart trainer really takes the Zwift experience to the next level. In order to feel like you are conquering a climb or nailing an interval session, you’ll need the realistic experience that a smart trainer provides.

As we all know, motivation is important to get you through the winter months and keep your training on track. The more immersive the experience the easier it is to hit your goals.

Whether you are looking for a trainer with top end specs or a more budget friendly model, you can find them on Kudos Wheels.

Does it matter what bike you use on a turbo trainer?

Almost every road bike and mountain bike can attach to a smart turbo trainer and you can be up and running on Zwift in minutes.

While most cyclists tend to use road bikes, mountain bike enthusiasts can also benefit. If you have any questions about your bikes compatibility with a turbo trainer you can contact us with any questions here.

Can you rent a turbo trainer?

Yes you can! Here at Kudos Wheels we specialise in turbo trainer rental so you can get the incredible training benefits from indoor cycling training without breaking the bank.