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The Benefits of Indoor Cycling Training
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The Benefits of Indoor Cycling Training

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The Benefits of Indoor Cycling Training

Punctures, torrential rain, and traffic all plague the modern-day cyclist, sometimes at the same time, but these issues can all be solved by using indoor training. At Kudos Wheels we are passionate about making cycling accessible and stress free with indoor cycling training. Training indoors can involve cycling machines or specialised trainers which attach to your bike at the back wheel. Here’s why we think it’s so great.

1. Safety First

Inevitably, safety is an important aspect of the sport with traffic related incidents all too common. Indoor cycling training takes the risk out of cycling by providing a safe environment to hone your skills. Without the need to brake for reckless driving or pedestrians who have found themselves in the bike lane you can concentrate on making strides in your fitness.

As winter draws in and the days get shorter, it becomes more difficult to find time to enjoy the sport we love. Indoor training solves this problem, allowing you to cycle all year round.

2. Puncture Proof

Most of us have been there, the faint puff of air slowly escaping your tyre quickly replaced by dread. Punctures are incredibly annoying, even with all the right equipment and know how they are a hassle. They are also an unwanted interruption to your training which was probably going really well, because that’s just the way it is.

Training indoors takes punctures out of the equation. If you are entering an important segment of your training block or you’re going for a new personal best then knowing you won’t be slowed down by a puncture is very reassuring.

Indoor Cycling Training

3. Weather? What weather?

Oh the weather! Even when the forecast looks perfect it always seems to have its say. Whether it’s too hot, too cold, too windy, or too wet there always seems to be something. It’s always nice to sit inside when rain is hammering on the windows but it’s even better when you are in the saddle.

Weather affects performance and can throw off your training. By employing indoor training exclusively or partially you can make more training sessions count.

4. Stay in control of your workouts

At the elite level, precision is so important whether it’s aerodynamics or FTP, professional cyclists are always looking to get ahead. Indoor training allows you to employ some of these elite training methods to improve your own fitness. Specific workouts that give you precise metrics can create huge gains towards your personal goals.

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5. Tune your technique

We all know the importance of technique, but it’s not always easy to work on when you are out in the elements. By taking some of the unpredictability out of cycling you can focus on developing your technique to improve your outdoor rides.

Whether you want to make a full or partial switch to indoor training the benefits are clear. All cyclists stand to gain from the safety of indoor training and for more ambitious athletes the ability to execute precise workouts and improve technique is a huge benefit that indoor training provides.