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5 Great Zwift Workouts to Improve your Fitness
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5 Great Zwift Workouts to Improve your Fitness

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If you think indoor cycling training can’t match the training benefits of outdoor riding, think again! Zwift is an incredibly powerful training tool that gives you structure, convenience, and an engaging interface that, alongside a turbo trainer, can transform your front room into official racecourses or beautiful landscapes. When coupled with an indoor trainer, a Zwift workout has the potential to revolutionise your training with personalised programmes tailored to you.

We’ve picked out our favourite Zwift workouts to help you navigate the thousands of options at your fingertips to keep your training enjoyable and challenging.

Lactate Gains - SST (Short)

Duration: 50 minutes
Stress points: 66

If your legs fatigue quickly, then this workout can help. This Sweet Spot Training (SST) will keep you at 90% of your threshold to get you used to processing lactate during a ride. This relatively short 50-minute workout is a solid session which helps you achieve tangible results without the need for a long recovery.

If you’ve got a busy schedule, or you want a bridge workout to keep the legs ticking over, then use this short workout to keep your fitness on track and your energy levels high. You won’t go beyond zone 4 for this one, so it’s a good one to ease you in.

Challenge yourself – Microbursts

Microbursts Zwift Workout

Duration: 60 minutes
Stress points: 75

If you want a workout to get your heart pumping, then look no further than this Microbursts session. This one involves 3 x 10-minute intervals, with 15 seconds on at 150% FTP and 15 seconds off at 50% of FTP repeats. If it sounds brutal, that’s because it is!

This workout will test you mentally as well as physically so make sure you are prepared. You’ll need a solid base level of fitness and to make time in the diary for a good recovery. With this workout under your belt you’ll be able to change pace on demand and be ready for group rides.

Get Race Ready – Race Day

Race Day Zwift Workout

Duration: 55 minutes
Stress points: 66

If you’ve got a race coming up, this workout is great for simulating the demands of frequently changing speed and intensity. This workout includes lots of intervals to keep you on your toes and mimic race day scenarios so that when it matters you can close down a break or produce a dynamic sprint finish.

The variable power demands of this workout will allow you to make serious fitness gains whether you have a race in mind or not. You’ll improve your sprint fitness and stamina all in one session as well as helping to prevent boredom. Motivation is a key component of any training regime and with this varied workout you’ll keep yourself focussed.

Hills at Home – Hill Sprints

Hill Sprints Zwift Workout

Duration: 60 minutes
Stress points: 79

Just because you are training indoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t utilise a challenging hill sprint workout. From the comfort of your home you can benefit from the discomfort of hill sprints, which will utilise your anaerobic and aerobic capacity to help you make improvements to your cycling across the board.

This workout will involve 20 second hill sprints from 130 to 200% FTP, followed by 3-minute recoveries at 85% FTP. This is another challenging workout that requires a good base level of fitness and plenty of time to recover afterwards. A common misconception about indoor cycling training is that it can’t replicate the demands of outdoor training. Zwift can mimic hills, races and even slipstreaming to give you an authentic experience.

Testing Your Limits – Jon’s Mix

Jon’s Mix Zwift Workout

Duration: 54 minutes
Stress points: 71

Last but by no means least is the workout that Zwift call, Jon’s Mix. This one was often used by Zwift’s developers to test different features but what resulted was a formidable hour-long workout. This one has a little bit of everything; anaerobic bursts, sprints and sweet spot training.

If you need a comprehensive workout in less than an hour, then look no further. You’ll come out of this one with improvements to all aspects of your cycling performance. This workout will also allow you to identify any weaknesses in your cycling, helping you to shape your future training sessions.

A Zwift training plan is an unrivalled indoor cycling training tool, it’s social, challenging and can be tailored to your individual goals or weaknesses. Alongside a turbo trainer the Zwift App is at its most effective, with thousands of workouts to choose from you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t delay, try these 5 Zwift workouts today.