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4 ways to enjoy cycling in bad weather
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4 Ways to Enjoy Cycling in Bad Weather

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As winter draws in and cycling remains one of the few activities unaffected by covid regulations, there are more and more fair weather cyclists toying with the idea of going out for a spin in bad weather. It might not be preferable but there’s no reason it can’t still be enjoyable, with the right equipment you can enjoy a ride no matter the weather.

1. Waterproofs

I know, a waterproof in the rain is obvious but there are more options than you might think. When making a new purchase make sure you consider the ‘weight’ of the jacket. Winter jackets will keep you warm as well as dry but they may sacrifice on breathability. Consider the average temperatures of where you live and the intensity of the rides you intend to do.

For long rides or warmer climates, breathability is paramount whereas if you suffer from the cold you might prefer a thicker jacket. Bear in mind that with lightweight jackets it’s often possible to fold and store them in your pocket, this can be handy if you catch a shower on a ride and need some protection from the elements.

Light-weight Cycling Jacket:

Winter Cycling Jacket:

2. Mudguards

You might not set any personal bests with these on but they may well save you from ruining your new jersey. As the weather takes a turn, mud regularly finds its way onto the roads and quickly onto your cycling gear. When it comes to mudguards the more coverage the better, full-length mud guards do the best job of keeping you clean and dry but may not be suitable for every bike.

If your bike has eyelets you can go ahead and attach full length mudguards to them. In the absence of eyelets you can find clip on mudguards that attach to the frame. These don’t tend to be as sturdy so make sure you find a quality product. Finally, you have to option of clip on mudguards that attach to your seat post. These offer the least amount of cover from dirty water but as the weather turns, it’s better than nothing.

Frame Mudguards:

Seat Mudguards:

3. Light It Up

In bad weather safety is often a legitimate concern, torrential rain and fading light make visibility a problem and with that in mind it’s important to invest in a good set of lights so you don’t spend your ride worrying about other road users. Make sure you don’t sacrifice on quality you don’t want your lights failing you miles from home.

Front & Rear Lights:

Train Indoors!

Of course there is an alternative to cycling in the bad weather and that’s keeping your workout indoors. With a turbo trainer you can get all the same training benefits while avoiding the miserable weather. Smart trainers can link up to your devices to give you detailed metrics about your ride so if you are looking to execute a specific workout and improve your fitness throughout winter then consider cycling in the comfort of your own home.

Even though the weather might be a little unpredictable, it needn’t stop you from getting in the saddle and spinning your legs. With the right equipment cycling in bad weather can be clean, comfortable and safe. Of course if the weather is that bad then you can always ride inside!

Check out our Turbo Trainer Hire service if you'd like to try training indoors this autumn and winter!