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Take your indoor cycling to the next level with a smart turbo trainer.

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The world's favourite folding bike for a great monthly price.

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"Kudos wheels has been exceptional, friendly and efficient customer service and top equipment. Will definitely use again."

- Brando Posocco

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Is commuting on a folding bike the way forward?

02 Dec, 2022

Is commuting on a folding bike the way forward?

Currently, we are seeing an increase in the prices of nearly everything. One expense that has rapidly risen is the price of fuel. It hasn’t gone up slowly either. In the UK, we have seen a rise of 42%, which is absolutely ridiculous. Many of us are looking for a way to cut down on our spending and live more comfortably financially.
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4 ways to enjoy cycling in bad weather

20 Oct, 2020

4 Ways to Enjoy Cycling in Bad Weather

As winter draws in and cycling remains one of the few activities unaffected by covid regulations, there are more and more fair weather cyclists toying with the idea of going out for a spin in bad weather. It might not be preferable but there’s no reason it can’t still be enjoyable, with the right equipment you can enjoy a ride no matter the weather.
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